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Our production facilities are complimented with both a manual metal spinning lathe and a state of the art Leifeld SC310 fully automatic metal spinning centre. With the flexibility of these two machines, we are able to offer a wide range of metal spinnings and spun parts in many different materials, such as; MuMetal®, stainless steel including 316, 304 and many other grades, specialist alloys, pure iron, aluminium, copper and niobium.
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Metal Spinning



Our Service

Typical applications for spun metal components include;


  • MuMetal® and stainless steel hemisphere metal spinnings for analysis equipment chambers
  • Copper and niobium metal spinnings for superconducting radio frequency (RF) resonator cavities
  • Metal spinning for specialist and harsh environments where welded components are not a viable option
  • Metal spinning for the medical industry, typically for MRI scanners
  • Components and assemblies where a high level of aesthetic quality is required
With our fully integrated manufacturing, tooling and hydrogen heat treatment facilities we are able to produce a vast range of components and assemblies in many different shapes and sizes.


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