Following the UK government announcement that England will be going into a second spell of lockdown until at least early December 2020 we wish to assure our customers that for MSL, business will continue. The announcement issued made it very clear that manufacturing in England should carry on and therefore we do not expect any disruption to the supply of our products to customers.

MSL’s key concern is for the health and well-being of our employees therefore we have conducted a risk assessment, subsequently adopting the following measures to protect our staff and allow them to work as safely as possible in the current circumstances:

MSL’s second key concern is to maintain supply to our valued customers and the following additional measures have been introduced to assist with this:

We thank our staff, customers and suppliers for their understanding and assistance with maximizing the effectiveness of these measures as we collectively look to continue our operation during these challenging times.

signed Rob Latter
Rob Latter

Health & Safety Manager Dated: 05/11/20

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