Magnetic Shields installs new large capacity heat treatment furnace


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Magnetic Shields Ltd, UK

Souderton, PA, February 27, 2017 -

After product testing of sample parts for precise magnetic properties, Magnetic Shields Ltd. Chairman Colin Woolger has approved shipment of his new Model HFL-5772-EQ vacuum furnace. The new furnace, with a hot zone 915mm W x 915mm H x 1828mm L, especially designed by Solar for processing mu-metal shields for electronic applications, will operate in partial pressure hydrogen or high vacuum in the 10-5 Torr range. The furnace has full CE rating to the strict European code. The furnace incorporates the new SolarVac 5000® electronic controls with touchscreen overview programming and gives precise temperature control from ambient to 2400° F (1316° C) temperature, back down through the critical order-disorder transformation range for mu-metals, and then N2 fan blower quench to ambient. According to William R. Jones, CEO of Solar Atmospheres, Inc. "The furnace design is based on their years of mu-metal heat treating experience, and allows for minimum furnace power loss and minimum hydrogen consumption." Colin Woolger also states, "High vacuum performance is also provided for nickel brazing of complex mu-metal assemblies." Magnetic Shields is the largest supplier of this type of electrical shielding in Europe as well as to the worldwide market.

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