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A Zero Gauss Chamber, or MuChamber, is a magnetic shield with an incredibly high field attenuation. Often the internal attenuated field is only thousandths the size of the external field. Zero Gauss Chambers are widely used as a reliable way to create a field free environment for experiments across numerous industries.
Zero Gauss Chambers usually comprise of three or more stacked and isolated cylindrical shields and are highly customisable.

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We have extensive experience building both standard and custom Zero Gauss Chambers.
The simplicity of the MuChamber design allows the addition of further layers for even greater shielding performance. Discussion with you of the level of shielding you require allows us to recommend the optimum design based upon MuMetal® thickness and number of stacked layers. In almost all cases no greater than five layers are required for even the highest field attenuation performance. In general we will advise the incorporation of a lid and our expert design team can accommodate the need for access ports for electrical supply.
We use our own MuChambers for calibration of equipment within our research and development department. Several design factors affect the shielding factor of a Zero Gauss Chamber. For example;

Increasing length to diameter ratio increases shielding factor
Increasing MuMetal® thickness increases shielding factor
Incorporating further layers into the MuChamber increases shielding factor

As a guide, one of our own MuChambers that we regularly use for product development is a three layer Zero Gauss Chamber made from 1.0 mm MuMetal® with a length to diameter ratio of 1.65 and gives a maximum shielding factor of 1210. A plot of the shielding factor through the length of the shield cavity is shown below. Please note that there is a decrease in shielding factor at the extreme ends of the shield, as is to be expected from shielding theory.

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