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Q. Who are Magnetic Shields Ltd?
A. At MSL we are the leading designer, producer and distributor of magnetic shielding solutions in the UK, and a prominent force in the industry across the globe. Since being founded in 1957, we strive to manufacture and supply magnetic shields of the highest quality, providing first class service along the way.

Q. I would like to learn about how your shields work, where can I find suitable reading?
A. If you visit the technical section of our website you can find useful information on how our magnetic shields work , information on our facilities/machinery, and an insight into the design and manufacturing process of our shields, along with specifications of the materials we use. Furthermore we also have information from our research and development department who ensure we are constantly evolving our shielding technologies.

Q. What products do you offer?
A. At Magnetic Shields we offer a wide range of products suitable for any magnetic interference problems. Such products include (but are not limited to) MuMetal® cans (MuCans), magnetically shielded rooms (MuRooms), MuMetal® foil (MuFoil) and MuMetal® toroidal cores (MuCores).


Q. Can you design a shield based on my requirements?
A. Yes. We offer a state of the art 3D modelling service using high end software, so that we can provide the perfect shield for your specific needs. Read more here.

Q. Can you design shields suitable for use at cryogenic temperatures?
A. Yes. While the shielding capabilities of MuMetal® are affected at cryogenic temperatures we can employ the use of a special cryogenic MuMetal®, CRYOPHY®, where appropriate. We are specialists in the production of cyrogenic shielding, read about our Cryoshields here.

Q. Can you design shields suitable for use in a vacuum?
A. Yes. MuMetal® is similar to stainless steel such that outgassing (release of trapped/frozen gas from the material) effects are minimal.


Q. Is MuMetal® suitable for welding?
A. Yes. Once welding is completed MuMetal® must be fully heat treated.

Q. Do you carry stocks of shielding alloys?
A. Yes. We carry and sell a large range of stock including MuMetal® sheet and foil from 0.1mm to 5mm in thickness.

Q. Where can I get a quote for a shield/heat treatment service?
A. For quotes we recommend you contact us either via email of over the phone, where you can discuss your specific requirements or any other queries you may have with one of our technical sales staff who will be happy to assist you. To find out more about the heat treatment of MuMetal® , Nickel Iron, Cobalt Iron, Stainless Steel and Pure Iron, click here.


Q. Is it possible to use magnetic shielding to isolate magnetic poles?
A. Magnetic shielding will not isolate or prevent interaction between the north and south poles of a magnet. Materials used for magnetic shielding are high permeability magnetic materials, meaning that the shield offers the path of least resistance for the flow of magnetic flux. As a result, shields are magnetic to a degree, so the shield will instead act to close the field lines to the open end. This means the combination of the shield and the magnet will essentially still act like a normal magnetic dipole with a reduced field range. Shields can also saturate if exposed to strong magnets at close range, therefore providing no shielding effect. Magnetic Shields' researchers have demonstrated that isolating magnetic poles using magnetic shielding is not possible in an article published in our technical section, Isolating Magnetic Poles.


Q. Is it possible to use magnetic shielding and magnets to build a perpetual motion machine?
A. A perpetual motion machine is a machine that exists in a constant state of motion with no supply of energy. They are forbidden by many fundamental physical laws and can not be created, no matter how complex or ingenious the design. Our Research and Development team has written a short article that succinctly explains why such a machine is prohibited by the laws of nature, Perpetual Motion Machines.


Q. What are the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection's (ICNIRP) guidelines for magnetic field exposure?
A. The guidelines for exposure limits are dependent upon length of exposure and profession. The public and occupational exposure limits as published by ICNIRP are given in our article Magnetic Exposure Limits as well as useful reference fields produced by household appliances.


Q. What can you do to ensure you are run in an environmentally friendly way?

A. A firm belief at Magnetic Shields is that our components should be produced in a way not detrimental to the environment. In 2007 we proudly attained the ISO14001:2004 international environmental accreditation. We also make use of a Vickers Energy Management System so as to reduce our Carbon footprint, reducing energy consumption by up to 10%. For more information visit the environmental section of our website.

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