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 We have used our years of magnetic shielding expertise to build our own new fully functioning MuRoom. This is in the hands of the team within our Research and Development department, who will utilise the MuRoom for high precision magnetic tests. This will enable us to make our shields even better and ensure that what is produced here at Magnetic Shields is of the highest quality and echoes exactly what the customer is looking for.

The room reaches an average shielding factor of over 150 (43.5 dB) across a central 500mm² volume, and over 100 (40 dB) within the central 1000mm² volume. In other words there is a reduction of the background magnetic field in the centre of the room to around 0.3 micro Tesla (the Earth’s magnetic field is typically around 50 micro Tesla).

Within the MuRoom we have a set of state of the art Helmholtz coils with 3 axis field capabilities, allowing us create artificial magnetic fields so that we can simulate exactly the fields you require shielding from. These fields can vary both in direction and magnitude, and do not necessarily have to be completely homogenous, for example it is possible to create gradient fields or even quadrupole fields, allowing us to explore the most cutting edge areas of magnetic shielding technology.

For more information about magnetically shielded rooms visit our MuRoom product page.


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