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Solar ManufacturingSellersville, PA, June 19th, 2020 – Magnetic Shields Ltd of Kent, England, has commissioned Solar Manufacturing to design and build their second Solar Manufacturing vacuum furnace. Their first Solar furnace was installed in May 2017 and this new furnace will be one the largest horizontal vacuum furnaces in the UK.

The new HFL-7496-EQ vacuum furnace, being built with a SolarVac® Polaris control system designed to accommodate loads up to 48” wide x 48” high x 96” deep, [1220 x1220 x2440mm} and a maximum weight of 5,000 lbs {2270 kgs}. The Solar furnace operates at a vacuum level of 10-5 Torr with the capability of maximum temperatures up to 2400° F {1315C} and features partial pressure hydrogen process gas and an external quench system designed for negative pressure quenching.

 an artists impression of the furnace“Quote from Rick Jones”:

“Solar Manufacturing is very pleased to be selected as the supplier for this equipment to further support MSL to lead the pack in the production of high performance large magnetic shields and low field shielded rooms for the medical industry and other high technology applications”

Quote from Magnetic Shields”

Magnetic Shields is delighted to order our second vacuum furnace from Solar Manufacturing. The new furnace will enable us to more than double the maximum size of shields we can now produce in one piece and also increase the general heat treatment capacity for our growing company. This order was awarded, in no small part, due to the superb reliability of our existing Solar Manufacturing furnace which has revolutionized the consistency and quality of our magnetic heat treatment process, a key stage in the manufacture of all of our shielding products. We look forward to the new furnace arriving later this year.

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