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A vital part of our manufacturing process is to ensure the customer is aware of what we are doing each step of the way. We therefore place high priority on measurement and analysis. Whether it is pre-manufacture site testing/field measurement or post-manufacture permeability and magnetic performance testing, we can assist every step of the way.
Current services provided include; Helmholtz Coil testing, permeability testing utilising LabVIEWTM technology, Hall effect probe testing and both hardness and tensile testing.
Magnetic Shields actively strives for continual improvement in testing capabilities/technology and works closely with clients, suppliers and equipment providers to ensure a first class service.
Production of a quality component is very important to Magnetic Shields and our well-equipped inspection/test department can offer First Article Inspection reporting (FAI) Certificates of Conformity and Certificates of Analysis.












 One of our most recent research equipment additions is a 3-dimensional Helmholtz Coil which is housed within our MuRoom. Our researchers use this set up to test and develop products within an entirely controllable magnetic field. We are able to simulate the Earth's magnetic field, investigate our shielding capabilities against both AC and DC fields and subject our products to very high or unusual fields. One of the greatest advantages of using our Helmholtz Coil for product testing is that we know exactly how our field behaves within the space in which we carry out our tests. Below is a 3D plot of the 24 cm3 volume within the constraints of the Helmholtz Coil which we have programmed to simulate a homogeneous magnetic field like that of the Earth and below that, the 2D components of that plot.

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