MuMetal  This site provides information on the alloys used in magnetic shielding, along with details of their practical usage

MuCans We have extensive deep drawing and fabricating facilities to produce both round and square cornered cans in quantities from one offs to high volume production runs. All of these cans can be supplied with tight fitting lids incorporating custom specified lead through holes to suit individual customer’s requirements. All our cans are supplied with a full magnetic anneal and are ready for use by the customer with no further processing required.

MuCores We extended our product range in 2009 beyond low frequency magnetic shielding, to include high accuracy current measurement cores for all types of high current applications.

MuFoil MuMetal foil is typically used in delicate applications where the highest permeability combined with the lowest coercive forces and magnetic losses in the low frequency range are required.
With in-house coil slitting machinery we can offer a wide range of custom slit widths* on foils to suit individual requirements. *Minimum width 6.35mm on 0.2mm material.

MuSheet With the largest stock of shielding materials in Europe, we can supply mumetal in gauges ranging from 0.35mm to 5mm in sheet form and many different gauges in foils down to 0.05mm thick.
We carry a large stock of cold rolled, stress annealed mu metal (80% Ni) to ASTM A753-97 Alloy 4 specifications, which is also complimented by smaller ranges of cryogenic MuMetal, 50% Ni, 36% Ni and pure iron.

MuShields Magnetic Shields Limited has been providing fabricated, low frequency magnetic shielding produced from MuMetal and other alloys since the company’s inception in 1957. During this time Magnetic Shields has gained a vast network of knowledge and information in the fields of specialist production and shielding solutions expertise. Magnetic Shields can provide a complete solution to your requirements from design assistance and technical advice, through to manufacture and heat treatment. All of these services are carried at our manufacturing facility in Kent. 

MSL Heat Treatment Services Specialist Vacuum brazing and heat treatment, for high technology and research industries. Our processes reduce oxidisation, contamination and distortion, ensuring consistency, quality and precision. Our specialised equipment and vacuum furnaces can process steel, copper and Mumetal components and assemblies ranging from a few millimetres to over a meter across.